The Controller - Accounting Service


The Controller is an outsourced accounting service, powered by Tamim Chartered Accountants (TCA), the team of experts who will manage your complete financial information cycle – from documentation to analytical reporting.

The Controller is an ideal option for any business who is looking at their accounting and financial reporting to be handled by experts, without a commitment of employing a full-time accountant.

When you handover your financial accounting to The Controller, we spend an optimal period of time with you to understand your business operation, specific reporting needs and to configure systems to fulfil those needs. We will identify the daily tasks and segregate between routine data entry and accounting activities of your organization so that any of your admin staff or office secretary can be entrusted with the data entry tasks and we shall assume the accounting and reporting responsibilities. On completion of the above step, we shall begin training your admin staff/office secretary to utilize our online forms and perform the data entry so that our team will update your books of accounts regularly and prepare reports you require on the agreed intervals.

What makes The Controller seamless is its online platform. This online platform is designed segregating data entry tasks from the technical accounting tasks in order to enable any of your admin/secretary staff perform data entry task easily and the Controller team deal with the technical accounting function. Thus Controller builds a bridge between your business and our expert accountants. Our team will have realtime online access to the Data entry by your staff and will perform the accounting on a daily basis. This simple and effective platform is designed to enable your office secretary to issue your invoices, payment voucher, petty cash vouchers, receipt vouchers etc without any accounting background where The Controller team will vouch the data entered by the personal and journalise in the books of accounts. The online platform is simple to handle, tremendously efficient and easy to use.

The Controller ideally works for any companies in SME sector regardless of the industry, The Controller efficiently maintains your books and provides you with the necessary financial information when you need it, while allowing you to focus on your core business. You will have an account manager to contact who will assist you in connecting with your accountant to retrieve any information/ report required.

By subscribing with us, our team will also guide your businesses through the steps for proper VAT compliance and adoption, TAX requirements, including the necessary updates of accounting systems and databases.

As part of our premium service, we offer highly experienced Outsourced CFO’s at your service.

The Controller provides three essential outsourced financial services:

  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • VAT advisory & compliance
  • CFO Outsourcing

What will you get when you work with us:

  • Dedicated Accountant
  • 24/7 online reports
  • Periodic financial reporting –monthly or quarterly
  • Review of Accounts
  • Virtual CFO
  • Strategic insights into your business
  • Invaluable analytical information
  • VAT compliance
  • Periodic update on VAT and other corporate laws